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Sir Henry Royce, cofounder of Rolls Royce say about mechanical engineers, “Strive forperfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough”. Mechanical engineering is a branch of technology which deals with the operations of machines and tools to measure and improve their output. The major departments of mechanical engineering are production, quality, maintenance and designing. The role and responsibility of different departments vary from each other. Many of us think that mechanical engineering is one of the toughest branches of technology but always remember the saying of Bill Gates, “Nothing is tough in this life, we made it tougher for ourself by our negative thoughts”.

In Delhi NCR there are different companies which deals in operations of machines and tools. Private, public and government in all three sectors jobs are available for fresher mechanical engineers.Public sector major deals with the production. Government sector mainly deals in research and development. Private sector deals indesigning and production. Salary package and growth rate of mechanical engineers in all three sectors is very high. The major departments where mechanical engineers can find opportunities for them are designing, manufacturing and research and development. Lots of vacanciesare available for fresher mechanical engineers in different mechanical companies. The role and responsibility of mechanical engineers is to research, design, operate and maintain mechanical products in mechanical companies.

Regatta Recruiters is well knownrecruiting company in Delhi NCR as it provide placement to electronics, mechanical, electrical engineering fresher candidates in their core company. It provides opportunity to fresher candidates to start their career in different companies. All the candidates who are already placed in different companies, feel pleasure and thankful to Regatta for providing them opportunity to begin their in core company.

This is golden opportunity for all mechanical fresher candidates to grow their career as a mechanical engineer in Delhi NCR. Someone said, “If you want to find secretes of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. This quote is mainly for mechanical engineers. To grow the career as mechanical engineer one can first need to start working in any of the sector of mechanical branch. As there is growth in all sectors of mechanical engineering.

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