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Mechanical engineers play an important role since the time industrial revolution has been started as James Dyson said, “Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.” Mechanization changes living standard of the society and this all is possible because of the ideas and inventions of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers are considered as a real hero in the world as they are inventors of the moving parts of any technology. Mechanical engineering is that discipline of technology which deals with the mechanization of machines and motors. Designing, processing, testing is the key role of mechanical engineers in any mechanical companies. Mechanical engineering branch require understanding of physics and science as mechanical engineering branch is the practical of physics and science. Mechanical engineers must have knowledge of machines and tools used in the manufacturing, designing, and maintenance of mechanical products.

Thermal industries, automotive industries, medical industries, aerospace industries in Gurgaon provide jobs to mechanical engineering fresher candidates. Industries hire mechanical candidates for designing, manufacturing and testing of the products which is being manufactured in their company. Automotive industries use CNC machine in order to manufacture spare parts of motor vehicles. CNC is computer numerical control machine which is used for cutting, engraving and shaping the materials. CNC machines are of different types like CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Milling Machine, CNC Router Machine and CNC Lathe Machine. There are lots of opportunities for mechanical engineers in order to enhance knowledge and skill as different companies are providing jobs to mechanical engineering candidates in Gurgaon.

Regatta recruiter is popular for placing fresher candidates who have done Btech/BE/Diploma in mechanical engineering. Every year Regatta provides jobs to number of mechanical engineering fresher candidates in different mechanical companies. Our aim is to provide reference to mechanical fresher candidates in different well-known companies so that they can start their career with their core profile and design machine which is for the convenient of the human beings. If you also need jobs in your profile then you can apply online on And to view the profile you can click on website Candidates who find jobs with the help of regatta are very grateful to regatta for providing them enormous opportunity in order to develop their skills.

Companies provide jobs to mechanical engineers by seeking the importance of mechanical engineering candidates as it is truly said that, “When the Mechanical rest, the World rust.” Thus analyze your skills and prove yourself fruitful in the world. There is golden chance for mechanical engineers in order to boost their career in their core company.

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