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Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering as it is said about mechanical branch that “2 years ago logical, 1 year ago Digital, Forever its Mechanical”.In this branch one can learn to manufacture and operate machines.Mechanical Engineering is the branch of technology which concerned with designing, construction and use of machine. Mechanical engineering students must have knowledge of mechanics, kinematics and thermodynamics. Mechanical engineering is move out from Europe in the 18th century during the industrial revolution in India.

India is developing country and still India needs mechanical engineers who can work in mechanical companies for the growth of India. Thermal power industry, gas turbines industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, oil and gas exploration and refining industries, agricultural sector, educational sector, aviation companies, shipping industries, aerospace industry, armed forces, and pharmaceutical, automobile industry are the industries where mechanical engineers can boost their career. Designing, manufacturing, developing are the responsibilities of mechanical engineers. Among all industries in India mechanical industries are one of the fastest growing industries. There is lot of opportunity for mechanical engineers in India to grow their career. The major sectors where mechanical engineers can find opportunities for them is designing sector, manufacturing sector and research and development sector. The role and responsibility of designing sector is to design and satisfy the functional requirements of the company. The duty of manufacturing sector is to manufacture the product. For designing, engineers must have knowledge of tools and techniques involved in manufacturing. In production line mechanical engineers can work as a supervisor, quality engineer and as a maintenance engineer.

Engineers are creators as Gordon Lindsay Glegg said, “A scientist can discover a new star but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an engineer to do it for him”. This is the truth that mechanical engineering is an evergreen field with lot of opportunities. Mechanical engineers can get opportunity in public, government and private sector. Public sector largely deals in production, government sector deals in research and public sector deals in production and designing. In a survey it is found that by 2020 India needs 2, 50, 000 skilled mechanical engineers in different mechanical companies.So there is lots of opportunity for mechanical engineers in India after completing degree in mechanical engineering. This is also one of the facts that where there is engineering there is a way as Henry Petroski truly said, “As engineers, we are going to be in a position to change the world-not just study it”.That means we cannot become engineers only for theoretical knowledge but now we are in a position to build the discovered products andsolve the problem of the world by our ideas and skills.

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