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It is said about engineering, “We don’t have books in mind but have revolutionary ideas in mind.” Mechanical engineering is that branch of technology in which one must have revolutionary ideas in mind in order to manufacture products beneficial for human being. However mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of technology but this is never ending branch. Mechanical engineering helps you to learn about machines and technologies. Mechanical engineering becomes visible in field during industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century, but mechanical engineering as a science emerged in the 19th century. Mechanical engineering applies the concept of physics and mathematics. Without mechanical engineering physics is just a theory as mechanical engineering is known as the development in terms of physics. So to understand mechanical engineering one must have knowledge of physics.

There are different sectors of mechanical engineering such as designing, production, maintenance and research. Mechanical engineers can find job in all sectors in Delhi NCR. In production line one can find opportunity as a supervisor, quality control and maintenance. In designing one can find opportunity as a research and development engineer. Mechanical engineers can find lot of opportunity with good salary and good future in Delhi NCR. Mechanical engineers can involve in different field in the company like designing, manufacturing, testing, analysis, control, maintenance and operation. Companies where mechanical engineers can grow their career are Maruti, Tata Motors, Mahindra, private sector. Private sector mainly deals in production and designing. To build the career as a mechanical engineer one must have management and good communication skills. Mechanical is that branch of technology which deals with the manufacturing as well as maintenance of machines so that machine can run with maximum efficiency.

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