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From the starting of the industrialization mechanical engineering branch was born and brought up, therefore it is also called as one the oldest branch of technology. Mechanical engineering is the branch that deals with the moving parts of the machines in which they can acquire knowledge of manufacturing, designing and maintenance of the parts of the machines. Mechanical engineers used different tools and machines for manufacturing and designing. One can eligible to begin his as a mechanical engineer after completing Btech in mechanical engineering where they can learn to use tools and machines. Mechanical engineering requires mastery in mechanics, thermodynamics and physics. Automobile, robotics, construction, manufacturing are different sectors where mechanical btech candidates can grow their career.James Gibson describes mechanical engineers as, “A mechanical encounter or other energy-exchange may cause tissue Damage.”

The machine used in automobiles sector to manufacture parts of motor vehicles is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. Computer program unique software and control console which is inbuilt in CNC machine make it able to manufacture spare parts.Among all industry mechanical industries are one of the fastest growing industry in India thus there is number of jobs for Btech mechanical fresher candidates in private, government and public sector.Different mechanical companies require mechanical engineering fresher candidates who have done Btech in mechanical branch.Thermal power industry, gas turbines industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, oil and gas exploration and refining industries, agricultural sector, educational sector and aviation companies where Btech mechanical candidates can enhance their career as a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineering jobs bring responsibility for mechanical candidates as they have to manufacture and design moving parts of the machines with the use of different tools and techniques. Mechanical fresher candidates must have knowledge of physics as mechanical engineering is the practical of physics. This is golden opportunity for Btech mechanical fresher candidates who are searching job in their core technical profile. Then here the question arises that if there are lots of jobs available then why mechanical fresher candidates fail to find job? The main reason behind this is that every reputed company entertains fresher candidates when they have any reference. Therefore to find jobs Btech mechanical fresher candidates require reference. Regatta Recruiters are the well-known recruiting company in Delhi NCR and it known for providing jobs to fresher candidates. If you also need a job then you can apply online on . You can view our profile on our website Our aim is to help out the fresher candidates in finding jobs in different companies by providing reference.

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