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James Dyson believes that everything in life is based on engineering as he said, “Engineers are behind the cars we drive, the pills we pop and the way we power our homes.” Engineers are one who is manufacturing new technologies by applying their ideas and knowledge. But no can imagine any technology without mechanical. Mechanical engineering deals in designing, production and operation of machines in order reduce the labor work of human being. Mechanical is one of the oldest branches of technology as mechanical engineering emerges during 18th century in Europe. To understand the theory of mechanical engineering one must have knowledge of physics and mathematics. Someone said, “Engineering is not only study of 45 subjects. But it is moral studies of intellectual life.” Mechanical engineering that branch of technology that applies theory of physics or we can say that physics is a theory without mechanical engineering.

Mechanical candidates can apply for mechanical jobs in different companies in Delhi. There are plenty of opportunities for mechanical engineering fresher candidates in different fields of mechanical like designing, production, maintenance and quality. Candidates can apply for any of these fields as there is growth in all the fields of mechanical. Public sector companies like NTPC, BHEL, GAIL etc. largely deals in production sector. Private sector companies like TATA Motors, ECIL, TISCO etc. largely deals in production and designing. Government sector companies likeISRO, BARC etc. mainly deals in research and development. Job and responsibility in different sectors are different from each other. Different well-known companies are hiring mechanical fresher candidates for different department, thus this is an opportunity for mechanical engineering candidates to apply in different companies.

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Samuel C Florman said, “Engineering is the art of making practical.” Engineering is to make real things as engineering is totally based on the development of new products with new ideas. Without practical knowledge one cannot enhance their career therefore this is an opportunity for mechanical candidates to apply for job and start their career in different mechanical companies.

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